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Learn how's in-depth data can help you build the perfect pipeline of qualified brands and contacts.


Build The Perfect Pipeline of Qualified Brands and Contacts

  • Prospect for DTC brands across 160+ metrics
  • View in-depth insights into any ecommerce brand
  • Filter by growth, category, marketplace, and much more
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In our 30-minute demo you'll learn how to...

1. Identify the ecommerce brands that matter most to your team

Use Charm's Prospector tool to find targets that define your total addressable market (TAM) and fit your ideal brand profile.

Filter by Growth score, marketplace, revenue, category, tech stack, social media metrics, ad growth, fulfillment service, product count, website traffic, and more.

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2. Unlock in-depth insights and performance metrics on over 4 million brands

View Charm's 160+ data points to gain relevant insights and discover new signals for success.

Whether you are focused on prospecting, qualifying, assessing growth potential, investment risk, or improving your data, we will help you identify the right brands at the right time.

Utilize the data to create catered messaging about your product/service.

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3. Implement Charm into your team's day-to-day operations

Sales, marketing, data science, and investment teams all use Charm.

Regardless of your use case or the size of your team, your dedicated Customer Success Manager will work with you to ensure your success.

Customer Success will onboard and train your team, helping you with list building, CRM integration's API utilization, and setting up a plan to win.

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After signing up for, advertising agency

Logos for landing page - 2023-02-08T124810.600could prospect for the same number of brands in 20% of the time.

Results After 6 Days of Using

  • Sent 2,958 emails — five times higher than the average HeySocial sent previously within the same timeframe

  • Had an email open rate of 75%

  • Added 34 prospects with an average value of $88,000

  • Booked 14 discovery calls with a close rate of 14%
Trusted by 100s of Companies Globally (7)
“Charm has been instrumental in helping our revenue organization be more productive with daily selling activities at every level. The level of insight, detail, and knowledge our team has at its fingertips is directly due to the great work that the Charm team is doing for us..”
Anthony Watson, Co-Founder
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